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WestJet Airlines Ltd. is a Canadian airline founded in 1996. It began as a low-cost alternative to the country's competing major airlines. WestJet provided scheduled and charter air service to more than 100 destinations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. WestJet is currently the second-largest Canadian air carrier, behind Air Canada, operating an average of 777 flights and carrying more than 66,130 passengers per day. In 2018, WestJet carried 25.49 million passengers, making it the ninth-largest airline in North America by passengers carried.

WestJet has awful customer service, they don't compensate for changing flight destinations without notice, according to Kyla F on tripadvisor.com, she spent more money to get to the desire destination.

"I booked a flight with WestJet to fly back to school and work, they changed my flight without giving me any notice to one that arrives two days after my original flight. The only option I had was to fly to a different destination and bus the rest of the way in order to get to my final destination on time. I had to pay extra for a bus ticket and WestJet refused to give me any compensation or future flight credit or even apologize for all the inconvenience they have caused me. Awful customer service I will never be flying with WestJet ever again."


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Current Employee - Advisor says

"- Constant budget cuts...the cheapest company I have ever worked for. They charge $40 just for you to go to the Christmas party! - Insensitivity - Crazy amounts of politics; every conversation and presentation is a landmine so people don't try to change things - Rampant backstabbing - The 20 or so individuals that I work with daily are miserable. They don't leave because it's Calgary, and there's little else out there... - A terrible location in the NE - Managers who tip toe around other departments due to fear - Incessant and frequent non-disclosure agreements that cause enormous amounts of confusion - Incompetent project managers who treat people like they are numbers - Awkward and pressure filled "command centres" - A very out of touch, egotistical, and un-empathetic CEO who sends long and rambling emails to the entire office every week - You need to use your pass for every single daily motion... it gets extremely annoying - No laptops and brutally slow meeting room computers. Extremely inefficient and quite frankly, a security risk that they allow due to cheapness. - No diversity; not a single female in a VP position or higher, and most of the men look exactly the same. Working here was a mistake."

Current Employee - GSA says

"Their slogan is “we care” but actually they don’t They don’t care anything. They only care about how to make money from guest. Learn how to save money because they are low cost airline. Free flight -> u have to groom. But the flight ticket is same as air canada. Was proud to work at westjet. Not anymore."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Teams are understaffed and workloads are extremely high as a result. This is due to fragmented and inefficient processes, outdated software and lack of care from management (your problem, not theirs - work harder, work longer with no OT) - The cost of employee benefits is extremely expensive with costs only rising each year - Expect extreme pushback from management in regards to any suggestion of change or new ideas - Succession planning is non-existent - Employees are unionizing for a reason. The large majority of the workforce is unhappy and feels unappreciated. This is quite contradictory to the joyous and happy team you see in the commercials."

Current Employee - Secret Agent says

"Westjet...is in major decline. The service agents in YYC and YYZ are especially rude lately to all including staff. And yes I'm generalizing because it is true. If you don't believe it's true than you haven't flown enough lately. The corporate culture they tout is now just a joke. The smiles have been replaced with frowns. And nobody seems to care. I see a huge lack of training in most gate agents. They don't know how to use their system properly and often make mistakes without properly apologizing to the guest. More and more like AC everyday."

Current Employee - Advisor says

"The culture at WestJet is TERRIBLE. You will hear otherwise, but in my short experience, I've found that there are two types of WestJetters. There are those who have been around forever who remember the 'good old days' and say there is a great culture, and there are the newbies, who recognize that WestJetters have been enabled to be entitled and lazy. Rate of change is unbearable, and there is no formal or recognized change management function, so change is managed poorly. There are teams in the organization that are struggling HARD, seem to have no support, and expectations continue to grow. We are not provided with the tools and resources to properly do our jobs (that includes everything from hardware to humans). Promotions are not merit-based, they are loyalty-based. The internal promotion strategy is a joke, and most upwards moves are given to those with tenure. There seems to have been an element of luck to WestJet's success. I find it difficult to believe they've gotten where they are because of planful strategy, when there are people doing things 'the way they've always done them' with no metrics of success."


"- nowhere to move up unless you are at head office - "culture" in Toronto is New vs Old. The old guard has moved up to administrative positions and are whiny, negative and disrespectful to anyone who comes in externally - lack of support, management makes up the rules as they go along - different rules for different people, if you've been there for enough time you are able to get away with literally anything including lying about hours worked - HR is a joke outside of Calgary"

Current Employee - Current Agent says

"Worst company I have ever worked for. Barely above minimum wage and the “management” is appalling. They have no leadership skills and use written warnings as a means to motivate people. You pay for your phone and high speed internet, and yes, you can claim on taxes, but you get about 30% back. Discounts are minimal from TC companies and run out. They should be ashamed"

Former Employee - Sales Agent says

"Westjet’s Contact Centre is so poorly run it’s laughable. They’re team leaders are absolutely useless and under qualified for their positions. Very low pay / high stress / overly demanding / no work life balance / I feel sorry for anyone who works here as I got out right away and definitely made the right decision."

Former Employee - CSA says

"Small salary for the responsibilities, no equal treatment in this specific base,"

Current Employee - Flight Attendant says

"This company is a disgrace. Grown too big for it's boots with processes, procedures and employment working conditions being stuck in the dark ages. The CEO takes home a huge salary and bonus (fair enough, he's the CEO) while the workers who suffer the wrath of all the poor decisions made by management out of their depth, scrap together just enough money to pay rent. Unless of course you've been there 20 years and you can afford a coffee upgrade. You don't get paid until the aircraft door is closed which is typically and hour after sign-on, you don't get paid for grooming and if you take a delay which is more than frequent you don't get paid for that either. If its a delay while on the aircraft away from the gate you have to submit an invoice to be paid 50% of the delay duration but not gaurenteed. Because you are only paid for flying hours it's quite typical to work a 10-12 hour day and be paid for half that time. You then have the wonderful opportunity of getting an 8-10 hour rest in a hotel. You have to decide whether you want to eat, watch some tv, go to the gym or prepare your uniform. Lucky for you you may have started day one at 8pm and by the 4th day you're starting at 8am or earlier. An opportunity to see the world? Pffft. If you want to get somewhere you need to do some favours to somebody despite your lack of experience."

Crew Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"12 hour shifts, including overnights. They use a bidding system which is the most convoluted thing you can imagine and is capable of finding new ways to make your schedule insufferable every single bid period. Crew members treat you like garbage, management treats you like garbage. 10 out of 10 not worth itFlight BenefitsEverything else"

Service and Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"In the contact center You are dispensable in a sea of new hires. Turnover is high because the pay is awful for the amount of work and abuse you are subjected to daily. You are punished for being off the phone except assigned break times, so no bathroom for you. There are no opportunities to Advance despite them promising there would be. Recently they were looking to be exempted from rules covering the employees right to refuse overtime, given 24hrs notice of a shift change, and mandatory half hour breaks. So let that sink in, not only are they horrible to their employees they want a break from the law to treat them worse!"

CSR (Former Employee) says

"Lack of support for front line agents, which are bullied and disrespected on a daily basis and treated very poorly by the support department, with total acceptance from the Team Leaders and management who totally condone and encourage this kind of behaviour. Horrible experience working there. Great team members, bad management that is too busy gossiping."

FLIGHT DISPATCHER (Former Employee) says

"WestJet is a better airline to fly with only because their only real competition in Air Canada so the bar is pretty low here in Canada. Absolutely horrible company to work for. Work conditions, work atmosphere and very low wages for a safety critical job. Management is horribly unprofessional, unqualified for managements positions and make horrible decisions."

FLIGHT ATTENDANT (Current Employee) says

"They say it’s a unique culture but in reality their unique culture is to be watching over your shoulder all the time. Management is dishonest and no career development."

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Horrible company to work for!! Awful management, and terrible culture. Most of what you hear about westjet is just a marketing lie. Every year I worked there it got worse. Every division has voted to join unions because management treat employee like slaves."

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"They sell you in the amazing culture they have created over 20 years, this world class training programme they develop you through but you work for minimum wage, unsupported, work on minimum rest surviving on scraps to get you by. You are required to be at the aircraft and hour before your initial departure, board, deboard and clean the aircraft without pay. You are scheduled around 80 flying hours per month bit you work unpaid for another 40 or more. So your $25 an hour salary is minimum wage. Many employees have a second job being employed full time with WestJet. All those delays through winter you could be sitting at the airport for 14 hours and only be paid for 4 of them."

Flight Attendant (Current Employee) says

"I had to let go of the job due to harrassment and anxiety issues. They got me into working domestic flights without telling me. They have very incompetent managers."

Customer Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"Bad toxic stay away do not apply Bad management Bad company to work for , will take years off your life . Don’t apply bad work environment and toxic people"

NEVER WORKED AT WESTJET (Former Employee) says

"Oil patch in slow down , work not as reliable as in past.I have my own truck,darkroom. & Equipment and wold prefer to work with it.. Can work out of company equipment if needed.Good income when workingNot steady work"

Crew Chief (Current Employee) says

"Westjet is an employer that will work you into the ground for under industry wages. Yes you get the perks of flight benefits but good luck using them. The way they are positioning themselves as a global carrier makes it almost impossible to fly anywhere standby.I don’t think there are pros anymoreLong hours, cold, exhausting, not rewarding in any sense, treated like a child."

Flight attendant (Current Employee) says

"They allowed co-worker to send you physical threats without firing them. Flight attendants drink on the job from the bar in the airplane and a lot of them smoke weed."

Sales and Customer Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"Incredibly disappointed with this company. There is a reason they are always in need of hiring. Close to no opportunity to move up regardless of what they try to tell you upon hire. NO support from management. Management are not trained properly. Front lines get more training than they do. Incredibly low pay. You can get paid much more to deal with rude costomers at a different call center. Agents need far more training. Overall not impressed with how employees are treated.Flight benefitsEverything else"

Guest Services Representative (Current Employee) says

"First you are underpaid. Then you are put through training separated into two parts. first part then on the phone then second on the phone then home. All the team leads are sketchy and do not communicate until there is a big problem. Try to get info and they push you off to another who doesn't have their ducks lined up either.. Biggest waste of time.. not worth the at homeness.Noneno one can tell you whats going on..."

CSA Agent (Former Employee) says

"WestJet is a good company overall but in Orlando we have another company that runs this airline and it's Hallmark Aviation and this company was all over the place and very disorganized. I was hired part time but was promise an opportunity to be Full Time, with good pay, and medical, dental, and vision as well and monthly allowances (which I have yet to see). Everyone bossed everyone around because there was no confirmation on who was the supervisor. Some employees never did there job and just sat in the office while everyone else had to pick up there slack. Some employees in particular created drama for the whole company and made it extremely unprofessional. The pay is a Joke and the management is a joke they will never have your back because they don't care enough. I was never issued a proper uniform that fit me. They would create random rules just to make you look bad and a lot of the time a lot of the employees will throw you under the bus. I was also promised flight benefits with other airlines but when it was time to take pics to get our IDs they avoided a lot of the new hires and told most of them that it was cuz you have to work 6 months to be able to get the ID even though most of us worked longer, they basically hogged all the little benefits Hallmark gave us. The scheduling is all over the place.... you sometimes will work only 3 hours and sometimes you will work 9 hours, sometimes you will work only 2 days out of the week and other times you will work 5 days. One of the worst jobs i have ever worked at. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS JOB!!! It's not worth it!!!semi-flights benefitseverything else"

Flight Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Do not believe the hype. This is not the Happy Ever After that people talk about. Santa would be dropping a few lumps of coal and not Big Screen TVs. Management has little to no understanding of what goes on, or how to actually manage. Support for fellow co workers is laughable. Favorites are chosen for all new positions and advancement oppertunities go to those that best serve the needs of decision makers. Leadership is kept in the dark and blinded by large payouts. Those that try to bring about change are the first to be pushed out the door and those left behind either cheer for the continued painful changes or are scared to lose what they quietly think is unacceptable. Work rules favor the corporation and are beyond unsafe, fatigue for Pilots and Cabin Crew is a big concern however if you actually call in too tired to work you are given a written warning and threatened. No concideration for the assets, tho they are human, is given while the company uses the cheapest "solutions" for scheduling and pay. Benefits continue to get squeezed and if anyone says anything they are blacklisted and next to be "written up". Sad place to spend the years I did, here's hoping no one else makes the same mistake. Follow your dreams, not the exploitation and segregation that WestJet Offers.TravelUnsafe Work Conditions"

Baggage service agent (Current Employee) says

"Amazing Job fun place to work at times supportive management.Decent amount of red tape and politics that is expected with a small comapny that is now grown to international proportions. Shift work is hard. to be honest and not fo rthe faint of heart. as the business is a 24 hour operation.flight benefits.long hours"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn’t recommend working here to my worst enemy. Promotions are given to who management is friends with over merit, they have alliances that stick together and fire people who go against them.I witnessed many women speak out about harassment and have it fall on deaf ears and have their careers limited after that. Toxic, bullying, harassing environment. Run!Harassment, bullying, toxic"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"WestJet is not the warm, caring company that they purport to be. The culture has been completely erased and most of the front line staff is on progressive discipline for some small thing or another. Fir full time staff, if you are late OR sick more than three days in a rolling year, they will put you on progressive discipline. Management is inept and doesn't know the processes to complete your job, so they just tell you to look it up in the company information system. The hours are terrible and it took over 5 years to get a full time position. You will be working weekend and holidays forever.Discount Travel when space is availableNo work/life balance, no mental health support, fear tactics to achieve results"

Crew Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"Minimal and inadequate training for the job expectations. Minimal pay for the job expectations. Work 10 and 12 hour shifts without a break. If you have time, filling a water bottle, heating food to bring back to the desk to eat as you work, and going to the washroom are permitted, but do NOT leave for a coffee or lunch break (unless you are one of the "favorites") and do NOT speak up about this. You are expected to show up 15 minutes prior to shift start time, you do not get paid for this time. Managers will be dishonest in the interview, hiring and training process, then you you get "on the desk" and get a huge wake up call (unless you are one of the "favorites"). Being set up for failure by the people who are supposed to be your leaders and your support (the chiefs) is extremely disheartening. The happy-go-lucky "owners" portrayed in the advertising for this company are nowhere to be found in this department. Many people who work on the same floor will not even make eye contact in the hall, stairway or parking lot. Most of them appear to be desperately unhappy in their jobs. I took a huge pay cut to go to this job because I believed it was an extremely positive environment. Now I am unemployed and broke, but at least I still have my sanity and my health."

James Aberefa says

"This company is the worst, their customer service is absolute trash. They changed my flight itinerary to an absolutely ridiculous one, disregarding my commitments and concern. They added a bunch of stops and wait (up to 3 hours at the airport - for a local flight) on my itinerary and moved my 6:30 PM flight to 1PM. And all they could say was "We can only guarantee that you will get to your destination, anything else is not certain on your itinerary, we cannot refund you". Bloody hell, you should have told me that before I gave you my money, my plans for that day has been completely destroyed. They are thieves, AVOID THIS AIRLINE!"

Tar says

"To all of you who have yet to receive a refund from Westjet: Contact your credit card company. Yes, this may involve a boring conversation, but we and many others were refunded within days of doing so. The danger with Westjet holding onto your money for months and months is that they could go bust and you’ll never see that money again. They are, of course, earning interest on your money. And it sets a dangerous precedent for large companies to hold onto your money indefinitely. Don’t wait. Call you credit card company and take care of this NOW."

Oscar says

"Aug 2019 my husband & I plus two close friends booked a holiday of a lifetime to Canada, this entailed flying from Gatwick to Calgary, then Calgary to Montreal, finally 12 days later returning to Gatwick from Toronto. The original departure date was Saturday 6 June 2020, however due to the pandemic and border closures here and Canada we were unable to travel. Thinking optimistically we changed our flights to travel on Saturday 26 September 2020, however with the continued  pandemic situation the borders remained closed by instruction of both the Uk and Canadian governments. Ever since then we have been in regular communication with WestJet with regards to a full refund. Our money is sitting in a WestJet travel bank, totalling almost £5k. Each time we make contact with WestJet we are given a different story or reason for not being able to have a refund, these are there is a back log they are still working on August flights (they always seem to quote August) a new procedure has been introduced to complete a refund form emails saying our refund request form has been completed incorrectly we are not entitled because our flights went ahead but we were “no shows “ the excuses list is endless. We are four ordinary working class people who just wanted a holiday of a lifetime and WestJet have completely taken advantage of the pandemic situation by keeping our money. The only thing they have offered us is the opportunity of a form of travel credit supposedly for a period of 24 months but the travel bank states an expirey date of December 2020 which obviously has now passed. We are now no longer planning to travel to Canada due to the pandemic and other commitments this year and 2022 so want a full refund, but we are at a total loss as to where to go with regards to getting our money, having just encountered brick wall after brick wall. We have tried doing credit card charge backs but have been refused a credit back stating that WestJet have said the flights were not cancelled and still went ahead. It is an utter disgrace and theft."

Lauriemk3 says

"My son was charged $480 for a one way ticket from Vancouver to Calgary today. Shame on westjet for such rampant gouging during COVID! We have flown with westjet since their early days...but no more!!!"

Paul says

"Why do they call themselves "westjet" can't get to costa rica or cuba unless you depart from Toronto. Left us high and dry in London Ontario, due to mechanical failures. Had to hire a cab to Toronto, they couldn't of cared less, I don't get it."

Chris Thorne says

"Westjet Vacations is horrible. They changed my flight-time departing Mexico back to Canada from 7:00 pm to 10:00 am, effectively eliminating one full day in the sun. No compensation was offered for reducing a day. Worst customer service ever. Their option for a call-back was unavailable and after 4 hours of being on hold to speak to someone I finally gave-up. Lesson learned not to book with a vacation travel provider that does not value a hard earned vacation."

Colin Mishael says

"One of the worst airlines on the planet! I had a flight booked with west jet and I had all my paperwork that was required to fly, but the staff at check in was so rude and horrible and stupid and bad, she refused to acknowledge my paperwork (valid passport, valid visa, valid everything else,) and instead refused to help me, so I lost out on my $900 flight, (no refund!) Seriously, avoid west jet at all costs!!! Find a better airline. This particular incident happened at YEG. West jet is a HORRIBLE airline."

MissLady Misslady says

"Completed the process for my refund in original form of payment for my flight that was canceled back in April due to the pandemic, only for westjet to give travel credit to my travel bank. That's not what I had requested, no reply to my emails and they're difficult to get a hold of via phone."

fred says

"due to covid westjet changed the original time to a later time. The BC Government and the Alberta Government advised against flying. WestJet could not guarantee my safety as there were out breaks on two other flights to BC. i cancelled my flight and received Westjet bucks which are no value to me. I asked for them to refund to my original visa. Their answer was Contact Transport Canada and put in a complaint. In other words they are keeping my money. i have sent 3 emails to West jet and called"

Ty Varga says

"Okay so I had booked a flight months in advance to bring my new puppy into Canada from the USA. 3 weeks before the flight westjet canceled the flight. We rescheduled and 3 weeks before the flight was supposed to happen they had to change the flight path again. So we accepted the changes. Now today they canceled the flight all together again. Mean while our puppy is getting older and heavier. Soon she will not be able to fit under the seat and it will cost us more to ship her to us. Westjet had failed to offer and help with their screw ups. I refuse to fly with them ever again."

Mark Wright says

"WestJet cancelled our outbound flight on a weekend: YYC - ZLO (Manzanillo) - YYC. A friend shared no refunds to WestJet dollars, cash spent or refunds to 'travel bank' would be made by WestJet unless the customer contacted WestJet by phone. Friend phoned the following Monday afternoon and was promised a call back on Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 pm. I called Tuesday morning and was promised a call back on Saturday at 6:30 am (after 3 tries - you have to select a time and you get 3 chances after which WestJet hangs up!). What do you do? Spit in WestJet's face and leave more than $2000 with them? A few weeks later WestJet cancelled our return flights and we did all this over again. Return call time for this was a short 6 hrs. 15 min. Thank goodness. IMO WestJet does not deserve a single dollar of our tax money. To treat customers the way they do, customers who can spend in the thousands on a single booking, is almost unbelievable. Perhaps they learned this from Telus?"

Acantha says

"This company is TRASH!! I've been attempting to get refunded for my refundable flights for 4 months now and keep getting the run around. It seems as though they are doing everything in their power to avoid giving refunds. These people a crooks! Travelers Beware!!"

Ruth Bridge says

"Unbelievable service! They rescheduled my flight with unacceptable schedules. I had to cancel my flights, but they won't refund me. Only provides a Credit for 2 years! Why would i want to fly with them again? I Can't even reach them by phone, web contact only. I wish i saw the other reviews before booking."

Scott says

"Westjet changed my flights. They won't let me make changes online. I've been on hold for over 3 hours on 3 separate days and given up in frustration!! It is impossible to get through to an agent to make changes. It's the worst service (lack of sevice) I have ever had in my entire life! Their disregard for their customers goes above and beyond anything I've ever experienced!"

al claridge says

"Close to 9 months and still no refund of $950.... Our Vancouver to Vegas tickets were canceled due to the Covid lockdown a week before our departure date. Appreciate that this is out of the control of Westjet but the empty promises that roll over every month of a refund are starting to get a tad repetitive.."

Ty says

"Your company is a joke, 8+ months and no refunds. You are crooks and how you have not gone under by now is beyond me. REFUND your customers."

Curtis Finlay says

"I consistently get the front row of westjet flights. The over head spot where I would put my baggage is always full of either other people’s luggage, the staffs luggage or bottles of water. Meaning I have to put my bag further back on the plane. When the plane lands I then have to fight the flow of people getting off in order to get my bags. This is a hustle for everyone on the plane. They need to stop letting people take to much carry on on the plane and stop storing gear in the over head!"

Casey says

"Average Airline. I've never been frustrated with them, but they've never overly impressed me. They're loads better than Air Canada though!"

sean schaefer says

"Booked with WestJet via Flighthub. Flighthub kept giving me the run around and just flat out being rude. Ended up contacting WestJet directly and I was helped within a matter of minutes by a rep named Kimberly. She was professional and didn't charge me to rebook (flighthub wanted $600 for a flight they changed). The seats/plane itself wasnt too comfy but they saved my ass for getting home!"

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